Hit to forty



Hit to Forty

People placing bets on Black Jack card game ** Note: Shallow depth of fieldTrue Story?

This story, whether it’s true or not, is about a man who hit to 40 in blackjack.

My shift started at 7:00pm. It was quiet for a Friday evening. My game assignment was a double-deck blackjack game–a game where the players hold the cards. To hit, instead of tapping the table like you would in a shoe, the player rakes the cards on the table toward themselves. To stay, they tuck their cards just under their bet. I had two players at the table, a girl and a guy. The cards were mediocre for the first ten to fifteen hands, but my two guests were still up around $10 or $15 each.

It wasn’t long before a man who was “unsoberized” (my word for drunk) sat down. I’ll call him Intox. He asked me, “Are you going to be nice?”

I smiled. I really wanted to ask if he was going to tip if I was, but said, “I’m always nice…it’s the cards you have to worry about.” The girl laughed.

Intox put out a $15 bet and I dealt the cards. The girl and guy stayed. Into motioned for a hit. I gave him a queen. He motioned for another hit. He got a king for 20 showing. With the two cards still in his hand, he obviously busted. he motioned for another hit. I sighed and called Mike, my supervisor.

When he got to me, he asked what was going on.

I motioned toward Intox’s cards, and said, “He wants another card.”

Mike shook his head and sighed. He glared at Intox. “Sir, you have to turn over your cards. You busted.”

Intox shook his head. “I’m taking a hit! Give me a card!”

Miked let out a breath of frustration. He pointed at the twenty in front of the drunk. “You have twenty here already. The least you could have in your hands is two, and that still busts you.

He relented, and mucked his cards, with some force, face up in the middle of the table. his cards were a queen and a king…he had just hit to 40.

I took his bet, and Intox was asked to call it a night.

The story about the man hitting to 40, may or may not have happened at my table.

Please leave me a comment whether you think it’s true or not.




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