The Other Side of the Table Series

The Other Side of the Table Series

Dealer stories from a casino Table Games Dealer



View from The Other Side of the Table

I sometimes have to shake my head at people’s stupidity. It doesn’t always hold true with just the players. Dealers and supervisors can, and sometime are just as, if not even more stupid. In a casino, it usually takes something major to get fired on the spot, and a person has to work very hard to do so. Here are some ways:

A dealer was dealing to a beautiful girl, who was about the same age as him. They talked for a while. After dealing to her for about 40 minutes, she ran out of money. As she was about to walk away, the dealer told her to wait a second, which she did. He cleared his hands, walked around the table, pulled out his wallet and gave her some money to continue playing. My question is, if he didn’t want his job, why not just quit?

A man was playing blackjack and his wallet fell on the floor. He walked away from the table and accidentally left the cell on the floor. A supervisor, or should I say stupidvisor in this case, picked it up and put it in his pocket. Later, the man came back looking for his phone. A different supervisor had surveillance watch the tapes and noticed what the “stupidvisor” did.

A dealer went to another property affiliated with the one he worked for. After losing at the slots, he started kicking the machine and yelling at it. that casino found out where he worked and notified his shift manager. Not long after that, a supervisor went to the same casino as the last dealer and played blackjack. The supervisor had a $50 bet out and when the dealer turned over a blackjack, the supervisor tried to take their bet back and got caught. That casino, once again, contacted the supervisor’s shift manager.









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