Be Careful What You Say

Be Careful What You Say


If you work in a business that deals with the public, you need to be careful what you say. Your job can depend on it, although that concept should apply to everyone. It’s just good manners.

I was on a dead game and watched the following transpire:

A guy was dealing and a woman, I’ll call Sandy, who was difficult to look at, to say the least was at the table along with two other guys and another woman.

The woman seemed appalled by Sandy’s looks too. As the dealer dealt, he only seemed to glance at Sandy. I felt bad for her, although smoking and some burns on her face were partially to blame. Her disheveled hair didn’t help. She was missing a few teeth in the front leaving a huge gap when she smiled. I’m guessing she weighed approximately 220 pounds and stood around five-foot three.

After dealing for about 25 minutes, the woman got up and walked away. She wore a smile on her face, though.

As soon as she was out of hearing range, the dealer asked, “Could you imagine waking up to that every morning?”

I didn’t think it was funny.

Neither did the guy that said, “I do!” Sandy’s husband rightly reported the dealer to our shift manager who immediately fired that dealer.

It’s easy to judge someone by appearance, but there’s no reason to say things like that.

I’ll admit that I am sometimes skeptical when I approach a table with players who look like they’re in a bad mood, and/or so drunk they can’t maintain their balance in a chair. Sometimes my initial instincts are right and the table is a challenging one. Other times, though, it turns out that the players are very nice and we have a great time. Once, I had a guest who gave others and me a hard time. Someone suggested that I take the troublemaker out back.

“Out back?” I asked. “That’s a steakhouse.” We laughed.

“Actually, I take them out front.” I paused. “If I take them out back, nobody can see. What’s the point? No, I take them out front where everyone can see. It makes more of a statement.” Everyone conceded my point.

“Actually, we don’t take anyone out back anymore. We had to stop because three male security guards took someone out back once. They came back with blood on their faces and holding their groins. It turned out that the four-year-old girl kicked their asses so they stopped that to prevent any more embarrassment.”

They asked me if I was serious.

“If you believe that, I have a dam my uncle Hoover left me that I can sell you.” I said as we all laughed again.

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